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Monday, January 4, 2010


Today I was again at the Naturistoriska Riksmuseet and it was very exciting to find an exhibition with old stuffed animals hided to the public eye for many years.
There was an exemplar of the extinct thylacine or tasmanian wolf collected in 1870. I took these pictures from different angles so you can see him in his lost glory.

But there were more sad examples of human stupidity under the quiet lifeless feathers of some extinct birds like a Great Auk (Pinguinus impennis), one Passenger Pigeon (Ectopistes migratorius), a beautiful Cuban Red Macaw (Ara tricolor) or some formidable Giant Moa (Dinornis giganteus) bones , among others I didn't know.

Great Auk, last pair, found incubating an egg were killed in Iceland in juli 1844 by (gotta mention the poor devils) some Jon Brandsson and Sigurour Isleifsson whom strangled the adults and Ketill Ketilsson who smashed the egg with his boot.

Cuban Red Macao, last one shot to death in 1864

The Passenger Pigeon, last seen alive in 1914

Moa, exterminated around 1400 A.D. Not by the "evil white man" as usual but by the maori (Monsieur Rousseau was sadly wrong on this one)

Gotta mention that I was sad and happy surprised when i could see and actual little quagga (Equus quagga) from 1775.

The Quagga, exterminated in 1883

This entry would be incomplete if I didn't mention how much I enjoy the contemplation of those wooden old cabinets of Naturalia so away from the displays of modern museums. I was transported to the dusty days of the late 19th Century for some precious moments.


#167 Dad said...

Great shots G-man.
That tasmanian wolf reminds me of the kid that sold me cell phone contract.

Guely of Sweden said...

Cell phone contract sellers...Not in any least of endangered species. But you never know, the encyclopedia salesman and the park photographer were once everywhere too.

Ana Márquez said...

Da un poco de yuyu ver estos animalitos tan quietos y silenciosos...

El texto sólo lo entendí a medias :-) ya conoces mi torpeza para este idioma. Pero me sirvió para practicar. Un abrazo, Miguelito.

Guely of Sweden said...

Yuyu... créo que en las viejas películas de Tarzan, los negritos le decían Yuyu a la brujería o las cosas a las que les tenían miedo "Yuyu! Buana!Yuyu!"

Gigi Peligro said...

black yuyu! una gran canción de alice cooper... y por lo que veo, se adecua a las fotos. Lo de los animales disecados es por gusto o por curiosidad zoológica?

Guely of Sweden said...

Nunca disecaría un animal en mi vida que hasta ahora he sobrevivido sin matar uno (cucarachas es lo más grande que en mi vida he matado y casi, digamos en defensa propia? Pero,bueno me gustan los animales y estos que puse eran de algún modo viejos conocidos míos de tanto libro que lei de chico y no tan chico. Curiosidad e interes, sería la respuesta GigiA.

Gigi Peligro said...

yo creo que he matado más que cucarachas y si me dejaran igual hasta disecaba humanos como en el Planeta de los simios ja ja
PD: ¡era broma!

Guely of Sweden said...

Verdad no? En su museo ellos tenían al astronauta Dodge de repente por lo raro que parece que eran los humanos negros por esos lares. Ya va siendo hora que me ponga algo de mi favoritísimo planeta(que suelo tener unas pesadillas excelentes llenas de acción y suspenso con gorilas que me persiguen por todos lados y yo tratando de escapar).


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