"One of the smallest , independent kingdoms in the ciberuniverse. Nothing fancy. Population? Just me, myself and my jaguars, my movies and my books (and, at this very moment, YOU). Hided and secret like Skull Island or Opar, the ancients in Guelyland use to read the scrools of a minor god called Voor-Hes.
Most of the treasures of Guelyland are made of paper, plastic and vinyl.Guelyland dreams with expanding in deep more then in surface. The music of Nik Kershaw has been heard here. There are apes, lots of apes in Guelyland. Woody Allen and Bob Hope visit it quite often. Here we love books (the Kingdoms Library is both celebrated and secret) Here we are atheists but very tolerant and think of god a bit too often and much. Guelyland is, the stuff my dreams are made of..."



Thursday, April 28, 2011


Luego de ver Inception (Christopher Nolan, 2010) percibo las siguientes referencias a Borges y su obra:

El anciano Saito preguntándole al recien llegado Di Caprio si lo piensa matar nos recuerda algo al Episodio del Enemigo: temor de asesinatos que no suceden dentro de un sueño con un frágil anciano.

Laberintos, muchos laberintos.

Mención gratuita de Buenos Aires, ciudad natal de Borges.

Di Caprio refiere el metodo de entrenar soldados que asesinan a sus propios compañeros mientras imaginan que asesinan enemigos es una referencia a la película El Candidato de Manchuria (John Frankenheimer, 1962) una favorita de Borges.

Juegos con espejos que se desplazan.

Sueños dentro de sueños que el soñador ignora.

El cuestionamiento de la realidad de los sueños opuestos a la irrealidad de la vigilia en la película en la escena en Mombasa en la trastienda de Yusuf es muy similar a lo expuesto en "la mariposa de Chuang-Tzu".

El poema del ajedrez, que envuelve una realidad dentro de otra realidad como sueño dentro de un sueño y la elección de una pieza de ajedrez como totem por Ellen Page (Ariadne!).

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Los invito a mi sala, a mi casa. Acá me siento a "computar", a ver pelis y a conversar con las ocasionales visitas. Esta en un tercer piso (de tres) en el barrio de Bandhagen en la sueca ciudad de Estocolmo. Acá en Suecia la gente se saca los zapatos cuando entra a una casa, pero ustedes no necesitan hacerlo ya que esta es una visita virtual. Un experimento con el programa "Photosynth" al que acasó le pueda sacar mejor provecho cuando lo pueda usar mejor (casi la mitad de las fotos que tomé no se incluyen en el "mosaico" pero se pueden ver si optan por la modalidad "2D view"). Demás está decir que es el "ground cero" de Guelyland y desde donde en este momento les estoy escribiendo.
Me suelen comentar que hay muchos libros y películas pero mi sincera inmodestia me compele a decirles que no son más que las dos terceras partes de lo que aquí ven. Hay más en las otras habitaciones. Que no los habré leido todos pero he leido muchos que no tengo!
Guelylanders, bienvenidos!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


When it comes to dancing for entertainment one has to mention the somehow forgotten duo, or do you know them? of Faryard (1914-2006) and Harold (1921-2000), the fabulous Nicholas Brothers They were not only big stars in the legendary Cotton Club and teachers of Michael and Janet Jackson, but simply the best because is so easy to realize that still nobody does it better. An act of acrobatic and talented class and personality not only with feet but hands and body. Here is why:

Since they were called The Nicholas Kids (then thirteen and seven), and good singers as well, this really happy and "Lucky Number" from the 1936 short movie "The Black Network" (that you can find as an extra in the region 1 DVD edition of King Vidor's Hallelujah from 1929).

"I've Got A Gal In Kalamazoo" from Orchestra Wives (Archie Mayo, 1942) with the mythical Glenn Miller Band

This jewel comes from Orchestra Wives as well and is "Chatanooga Choo Choo" (Track 29!) where The Brothers share the screen with Dorothy Dandridge and, yes, that's again the Glenn Miller orchestra!

I left for the end one of my favorite musical numbers ever "Jumping Jive" with Cab Calloway from the classic all black cast of superstars movie "Stormy Weather" (1943). For Fred Astaire WAS the best and if you think he could dance well, then the Bros. can fly. The ultimate Split (ouch!) Kings.

Decades later Joe Jackson made a good rendition of this one.
And now if you please excuse me cos i got some tap to do!

Monday, April 11, 2011

GUELYLAND SONGS #12: "Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend" by Marilyn Monroe

When i feel down i just need to pop in my DVD of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (Howard Hawks, 1953). By the time this song plays, even if this upbeat version is not in the movie I'm already happy again! Written by Jule Styne and with music by Leo Robin originally for the Broadway play from 1949 (From the 1925 Anita Loos then famous comic novel).

(The French are glad to die for love.
They delight in fighting duels.
But I prefer a man who lives
And gives expensive jewels.)

A kiss on the hand
May be quite continental,
But diamonds are a girl's best friend.

A kiss may be grand
But it won't pay the rental
On your humble flat
Or help you at the automat.

Men grow cold
As girls grow old,
And we all lose our charms in the end.

But square-cut or pear-shaped,
These rocks don't loose their shape.
Diamonds are a girl's best friend.

Black Starr!
Frost Gorham!
Talk to me Harry Winston.
Tell me all about it!

There may come a time
When a lass needs a lawyer,
But diamonds are a girl's best friend.

There may come a time
When a hard-boiled employer
Thinks you're awful nice,
But get that ice or else no dice.

He's your guy
When stocks are high,
But beware when they start to descend.

It's then that those louses
Go back to their spouses.
Diamonds are a girl's best friend.

I've heard of affairs
That are strictly platonic,
But diamonds are a girl's best friend.

And I think affairs
That you must keep liaisonic
Are better bets
If little pets get big baguettes.

Time rolls on,
And youth is gone,
And you can't straighten up when you bend.

But stiff back
Or stiff knees,
You stand straight at Tiffany's.

Diamonds! Diamonds!
I don't mean rhinestones!
But diamonds are a girl's best friend.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Me, too lazy to write and you too lazy to look for yourselves. Here a selection of interviews and participations of the great Woodster during different periods of his long brilliant carrier.

1969 with the great Dick Cavett:

With a very young Candice Bergen in the sketch he mentioned before:

Woody interviews the eternal and bright Reverend Billy Graham. Hey! They are even talking religion!:

A much more recent interview and a more serious Woody:

Smile and think!


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