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Most of the treasures of Guelyland are made of paper, plastic and vinyl.Guelyland dreams with expanding in deep more then in surface. The music of Nik Kershaw has been heard here. There are apes, lots of apes in Guelyland. Woody Allen and Bob Hope visit it quite often. Here we love books (the Kingdoms Library is both celebrated and secret) Here we are atheists but very tolerant and think of god a bit too often and much. Guelyland is, the stuff my dreams are made of..."



Saturday, January 17, 2009


I think, and my understanding might be limited, that there are things that divide people in extreme. Okay, basically are the clash of classes. But my simple mind tells me that the problem is not just a matter of money or ambition. So, right or not (and you should correct me if I'm wrong)I think that the main problem is the divisions. What separates human beings in different groups. The thing is that these divisions are suppose to be very important, more important then the individual himself. Usually these divisions are created to made us feel better or different from the others. I'm talking here about things like nationalism, race discrimination, religion or even sport teams. Personally I am not devoted to any of those. It doesn't mean that there are many different cultures and ways of thinking(that's a plain obvious fact). I think that we shouldn't be defined by our passport. I think that we shouldn't be judge or judge anybody by the color of the skin if we don't know the individual. And about religion, well we shouldn't think that a religious person is better or not because belongs to some group. I guess some people has some need of adoring a god and others don't. A respectable personal decision. Nobody should feel the need to kill in the name of any god. When someone is asking you to kill or sacrifice yourself in the name of something like that we should start thinking that we are been used and somebody wants to keep their hands clean but not our. I like when a person is able of sharing his knowledge or faith in order to give us something that will let us learn about she/he and to have the ability of testing the ideas that populate their minds, because some persons are just ruled by their religion. I don't think we should impose our faith to our kids but give them the chance of choice showing them how all those ideas work. In Guelyland one is completely free to expose their ideas, for the matter of discussion, inside the frame of reason and we all agree that reason has to have some bases. Some method. We cannot hate someone just because one is different. Tolerance is a key word.It sounds very basic and simple and actually is. And if they think different at least we have a starting point for understanding better a fellow human being. I just prefer when somebody has a notion of what is talking about. And about sports and national teams, we should never take some competition too seriously. It's just a game. To keep an open mind not only in theory but as a practice should be a way of life. The basic problem is ignorance because is passive and blind us. Is good to know that we live in a time when most of the people never takes another human life. But there are too many exceptions to this rule to not worry about. If just we all could expose our ideas in a mutual peaceful way. Peace and Love is such a simple and basic rule, but useless if it doesn't come with patience and reason. And by reason I mean being rational and by being rational i mean being able to accept our ignorance and knowledge of what we discuss. Not hiding any of those elements, being aware of what we know and what we don't. Always ready to learn. And all these problems come to life because a word that i think is terrible but too many people think is good: Traditions. We do this because our fathers did it. As if age will make something automatically good. No. We always should have the liberty of discuss them and not be afraid of analysing them piece by piece, idea by idea,concept by concept and reason by reason. But maybe i should say something more about that some other time. Kind of late now and I am a bit tired.


Anonymous said...

Mmmmano, I just remember you in the last 80's when you said "cristal??..alianza lima???" or this funny one: Who broke baltazar's head? the kids will get trauma! jajaja
I would like to add something when you say "some people has some need of adoring a god and others don't" I could say (according to Freud and his book Totem and Tabu -this "classic and contemporaneus" book according to the list of famous citations-quotations) I can say I was telling you: ...adoring ANY KIND OF GOD...
I remember a psycotherapist author Alexander Lowen, I guess, I mean I am not sure if he were...Villarreal time is almost forgot...he wrote something about lack of being part of a group or necesidad de pertenencia...I think that this concept has something to do with your thoughts about traditions.
el cuuuyyyy...

Guely of Sweden said...

Yes Cuy you are all right! Humans are gregarious animals. It must be my martian blood that keeps me away from those packs! ;)


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