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Most of the treasures of Guelyland are made of paper, plastic and vinyl.Guelyland dreams with expanding in deep more then in surface. The music of Nik Kershaw has been heard here. There are apes, lots of apes in Guelyland. Woody Allen and Bob Hope visit it quite often. Here we love books (the Kingdoms Library is both celebrated and secret) Here we are atheists but very tolerant and think of god a bit too often and much. Guelyland is, the stuff my dreams are made of..."



Sunday, September 26, 2010


Prison movies can be a good chance to show us a methaphor of society,to show us how effective or futil is to try to change it and make something better of it. Of corruption and compassion or of how bad things are too often linked to similar and that that chain can go all the way up.
Brubaker (Stuart Rosemberg, 1980) is a hell of a good example of this. And just have a look to the ensemble cast of character actors we got here, leaded by Robert "Not just a pretty face" Redford. Lets see, Yaphet "Mr. Big" Kotto, we have Murray "Plastics" Hamilton, and Joe "Maniac" Spinnel, Matt Clarke and J. Emmet "Everywhere" Walsh. Heck we even get to see a young Morgan Freeman in it (and now don't tell me you have seen that one before).
This movie builds up with a nice false premise that brings us to an early great twist at the first half an hour and then just keeps up.

Redford plays a "One weird fucking individual" almost too good to be true but still possible mostly because we trust in Redford's integrity as a player , more then in any good looking blond WASP from Tinseltown.
As the sleazy southern character played by M. Emmet Walsh:"I am talking about tradition: don't fuck with tradition". I think this is a very important line since I personally consider Tradition (the grand mother of nationalism and religion) one of the most sugarcoated harmfull concepts in human history. If you have to sit two hours to just hear it on the context of the whole film you just made a good investment of your time.

"I am talking about tradition: don't fuck with tradition"


Gigi Peligro said...

Me encanta robert Redford... el otro día echaron Spy Game... siempre hace ese tipo de papel con apariencia de duro pero con principios, no?

Guely of Sweden said...

Y bueno, no sólo él. El duro de, en el fondo, corazón noble, es el héroe americano por autonomasia. a redford mas bien se le ve un poco como a un Garbo macho, por lo enigmático (quién será su esposa!) Es acaso la imagen del americano vivo, reflexivo y tenaz, honesto y saludable. En el fondo un tipo muy inteligente, si me lo preguntan.
Spy Game , no la he visto porque por esa época no me llamaban mucho la atención las pelis de Brad Pitt, a quien lo tenian que emparejar con los tios grandes del momento como Redford, Harrison, Bruce Willis, Anthony Hopkins o al mas muchachón Tom Cruise.


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