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Friday, September 11, 2009


Diana, the moviewatcher

I love watching movies with my daughter, it makes me think of my collection of DVD's (and VHS) as a good investment and a good reason to rewatch with her so many good films. This week, for example , and since she goes to a jewish school and we love Chaplin we watched The Great Dictator (Charles Chaplin,1940). For the same reason, and because I want her to have an open mind about others ideas, we watched The Message (Moustapha Akkad, 1976). Then, we've been talking about time travelling so we had a double bill of the two versions of good old H.G. The Time Machine (George Pal, 1960/ Simon Wells,2002).
Is nice to see how the older she grows (13 at this time) the more movies she can apreciate. In my childhood days, if me and my parents wanted to see a movie, a classic one, we were at the mercy of the three or four TV channels and the occassional big old movie (Ben-Hur, King Kong, How The West Was Won) at the theaters (we were not part of the cine club crowds until i was a teen). But today i own what you may call a big movie library so we can choose flicks from any era and from all around the world. Just like that.
I like when she exclaims "Where have we seen this guy before!", "That! Is not there" (when she sees some blue screen trick) or "Now he is gonna..." and cast a guess.
Personally, I have very found memories of watching movies with my parents. Big or small screen. Pijamas or sunday clothes. Grabing frunas and sublime at the theatre or chifa at home. With my dad we have this marvelous movies every second sunday rule for years and it was a blast. And I think they have a good time as well. Remember how vehemently there were some movies we just have to see. Remember my father dropping trivia now and them while watching: "He died alcoholic"(on Errol Flynn), "He have one lung" (on John Wayne), "He is australian"(on Rod Taylor), "She was called the most beautiful animal in the world" (on Ava Gardner).
So, you see, i wanna do the same, from this side of my generation and i guess, so far so good.


#167 Dad said...

Vey cool. I remember watching movies with my mother. The Alamo woth John Wayne, Cast a Giant Shadow with Kirk Douglass, and Father Goose with Cary Grant come to mind. I had trouble getting my daughters to sit through Incredible Mr. Limpett with me. I'll have to give it another shot; maybe the Ghost and Mr. Chicken would grab them...

Guely of Sweden said...

Don Knotts! I remember reading you were a big fan of him! We saw It's a Mad,Mad,Mad,Mad, World so many years ago that she might be ready for a reprise. He and everyone else is there!From Uncle Milty to the Three Stooges. Try that one if you gonna introduce him in a more subtle way!
And my mom use to take me to the Herbie movies which my father hated and good old fish face was there!

Lazy Writer said...

My daughter is fifteen. I like watching movies with her, too. It's amazing how movies can join the generations together, isn't it?

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope you come back some time for a visit.

Guely of Sweden said...

Yes! And, as time goes by, for more then one generation can be joined. Think the Wizard of Oz, for example.
Sure, I will visit your blog. Drop by here at least when i write something in english. Or just to watch the pictures if you don't read spanish :)


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