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Friday, April 2, 2010


Funny extract from an enterntaining old book i just got: Rand-Around About Rambles In Lands Of Fact And Fancy (pp.202-203) by Frank R. Stockton in 1872. Because yes, there are more dangerous things then eagles for little girls out there.

"Many years ago, among the mountains of Switzerland, an Eagle pounced down upon a little girl, and carried her away. Her parents were harvesting in the field, and they did not notice the danger of their little daughter, until the great bird had lifted her up in his talons, and was flying away with her to his nest in the mountain crags.

I remember having read all the particulars of this remarkable affair, but I forget whether the child was rescued alive or not. At any rate let us hope that she was.

But this incident suggests the following question: Ought little girls to be allowed to play out of doors in countries where there are Eagles?

Many a child, after looking at such a picture as that upon the opposite page, might reasonably stand in awe of the national bird of our country; but I will state that it is my firm belief that a child runs quite as much risk of being swallowed up by an earthquake as it does of being carried away by an Eagle.

There have been a few instances where the bald-headed Eagle of this country—(so called, not because its head is bald, but because it is gray)—has attacked children, but these cases are very rare indeed. The Eagle which carried off the little girl in Switzerland was of a very different kind from the national emblem of America,—much more powerful and fierce. But even in Switzerland, if the children all lived until they were carried away by Eagles, the country would soon become like one great school-house yard.

So, looking at the matter in all its various aspects, I think that we may reasonably conclude that little girls, when they play out of doors, are in more danger from horses, dogs, snakes, and bad company, than of being attacked by Eagles, and the children may all look upon the picture of the Eagle of the Alps and its baby prey without a shudder on their own account."

You can fine the whole book online here. Not just delicious reading for young people but beautiful ilustrations, Lots of them.


#167 Dad said...

Interesting stuff. I checked out the book. Your right, the illustrations are fascinating. I added it to my favorites.
Out here in Arizona, hawks have been known to carry away small dogs...

Guely of Sweden said...

I remember seeing an old fake photo version of this eagle carrying girl in some book (looking for an hour and i didn't find it). Then i guess one has to to look out for little dogs as well! Do you remember the condor scene in the Disney movie "In Search of Castaways" from1962?


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