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Saturday, October 10, 2009


I remember thinking that the finest part of peruvian history was the pre-hispanic. For me, an almost mythical period that started some twenty thousand years ago (I use to think at that age that the rest of our peruvian history was a sad path of lost wars).

I was good and among the best at school went it came to the study and talking about las culturas (as we use to call the different precolumbian nations in peruvian territory) not because i was good student or intelligent but because I was fascinated with the subject . Remember going to the museum of archeology by myself (just a few blocks from grandma's house), to take an almost free ride (the ticket was so cheap or maybe free since i was a kid) enjoying the beauty of the pottery, the gold, and the textil remains of those lost kingdoms. In those days it was not at all crazy find myself daydreaming about digging for pottery with the long gone Julio C. Tello (the father of peruvian archeology).

My favorite was the Chavin culture. One if not the oldest. The one with the bloody jaguar god. At it's prime some three thousand years ago.
Tiahuanaco, Paracas, Nazca, Mochica , Chimú and Inca (the latest and most famous of them all). At school level these were the ones you learn about.

The album that we are checking today is from 1972. So i must have catch some late seventies edition because I didn't studied that part of history until later and i remember using this one a lot at school when it came to drawing. In fact it was a whole new edition. Now i remember the mayan jade mask of the cover of the one i had and not the gold chimu one . Another difference was that the nine stamps forming a big picture were reduce to a double ones only. The one i collected was not only about Peru but about the american continent in general and it was called Nuestra América (Our America) It was not an Editorial Navarrete album as many and the most popular used to be.


#167 Dad said...

Enjoyable post. Informative. Finally, I understand the jaguar connection.

Guely of Sweden said...

And the Indiana Jones conection as well!

Alberto said...

Dear friend Guely, I think that you have rigth when you say: "talking about las culturas (as we use to call the different precolumbian nations in peruvian territory)", If the Spanish did not take over us, the whole south america will be speak Quechua rigth now, and our trade or "capital" sistem will be the "trueque"...rigth?? maybe, who knows??...I touch the big stone of Chavin when I went to Huaraz, that is very amazing, the under ground paths, etc...and if the album was not "navarrete" which brand is it?? "editorial venciendo, brunho, coquito"???...jajaja

Guely of Sweden said...

Well if the spaniards didn't get us some other european monarchy for sure. By the treaty of Tordesillas the Pope divided the what parts should go to Portugal and what to Spain (by the way it was the Borgia pope!) What i mean is that the world is a big cake sooner or later everything has to be conquered and taken. Ah the Chavin temple, Indiana Cuy!
Y la editorial? un misterio...

Guely of Sweden said...

A propósito Alberto. Bacanes las fotos del concierto de Kiss!Usté sesta dando la gran vida cumpare!!


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