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Wednesday, December 16, 2009


When i think in a strong dramatic film there is one that always comes to my mind. One that, until today, I haven't seen like in twenty years. Directed by Andrzrej Zulawski (Lviv, Poland (now Ukraine) 1940) he is my director of choice when it comes to testing a film book index. And i have to confess i have only seen two of his films (the other is Possession from 1981) but i'm getting two more soon.

Intense, powerfull, strong, let me tell you somethings about: L'important c'est d' aimer (1975).
Nadine is a beautiful looser actress facing middle age (Romy Schneider) while making softcore porn in order to survive. She is in love with a nice clowning guy (Jacques Dutronc) who is obssesed with film memorabilia and an imaginary job (he just goes to the cinema everyday) But they are in love with each other. They really are.
Enter Servais (Favio Testi), a hunk photographer, ussually of ehrrrr... gay porn and raised by the producer of them ("If it wasn't for me You would be in That place"), that sees this sad falling angel and decides to redeem her by trying to find her a more honorable gig in the theater (in order to do that he gets some money via his porn maffia conections) . Now , Nadine wants to stay loyal to Jacques. Jacques wants to let her go for her own good. So Servais is accepted by Jacques but denied by Nadine. As a cherry on the top we get a flamboyant rich (by family) homosexual, crazy actor with great panache and madness in the eyes (Klaus Kinski, stealing every scene he's in), formidable fighting skills and some twisted good heart ("I'm not crazy, I am rich!!"). In a few words a bunch of a beautiful loosers trying to survive by loving their next in a sewer of violence, money debts, gay wrestling porn, photography, dogs eating cat food, drugs, bad samurai Shakespeare theater, blood, film posters, hundreds of lobby cards and bizarre maffia thugs with philosophical aspirations.

Kinski, as usual, was so mad in his acting method that he punched other actors for real, take after take, and they hated him for it. And so did Romy with Fabio Testi because she hated the arrogance of the then narcissist italian actor.
I'll live you with the opening scene of this movie. We gonna see the first encounter between two of the main characters and the reason why and how he falls in love with her.


Gigi Peligro said...

Romy looks beautiful in that scene. I think I should watch the movie... the plot seem interesting!

Guely of Sweden said...

Yep! And most of the movie she is without virtually any make-up but not less beautiful. But is at the end her sincere acting skills that made us care and love her character. Hope you see it Gigi.

#167 Dad said...

Thanks for taking me to film school, amigo. The movie is on my list.
I alwas enjoy your blog...

Guely of Sweden said...

Thank you, my friend. Same here(I mean, your blog!)


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